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Continuous insulation on the exterior of the building is demonstrably superior to lofted insulation between framing. This

traditional method results in a lower insulation value for the wall than the R-value of the insulation being used,due to thermal

bridging and often questionable installation methods.

IKO Enertherm ALU is installed over the building wrap or RAB board, depending on the requirements of the build and as directed by the NZBC.

Lofted insulation may still be used within the wall as the overall dew point is moved outside the structure once the Enertherm is in place. This will depend on the wall build-up and the overall requirements of the building envelope. Please contact Outright Continuous Insulation for more details.


The IKO Enertherm ALU boards come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, with the added benefit of providing a Tongue and Groove

board option. This ensures that the joints between the boards have increased performance, and made in sizes that are simple to handle

and install.

The dimensional stability of the boards guarantees one unbroken insulation shield. The outstanding thermal performance of IKO Enertherm means that one thin layer of insulation board in the cavity is enough, depending on the construction of the building.

The lightweight board facilitates transport and installation. The ALU board coating is corrosion-resistant. Outright Continuous Insulation has a complete range of accessories to enable fixing and sealing. 


Outside Wall Render

Outside Wall Insulation

By moving the insulation to the outside of the wall structure, we can improve the thermal value and overall performance of the wall system.

20140207_Atab_FLOOR ALU GER_zonder tand

Floor Insulation

PIR insulation can be positioned  under a concrete floor, timber floor or mid slab, where a heated floor element is positioned.

Tricore Presentation base (1)

A layer of insulation board is encapsulated between two metal trays, offering an alternative "Warm Roof" concept.

brick wall

Cavity Wall Insulation

A layer of rigid insulation board in the cavity provides a thermal barrier, a vapour barrier against transmission, resulting in improved R values for the system.


Tapered Insulation

Tapered insulation board allows the fall on a flat surface to be built with minimal fuss. Using a lightweight insulation instead of building the fall with concrete saves weight and costly changes to the structure.

11A FINAL (1)

Flat Roof Insulation

A layer of insulation board forms part of a traditional membrane "Warm Roof" system incorporating high performance metal tray and waterproofing components.

Pitched Roof Final Render 02 - Nuralite.

Pitched Roof Insulation

Positioning the insulation on the outside of a traditional pitched roof can incorporate all of the benefits of a "Warm Roof" into this structure.


A range of fixings for the insulation itself, brackets for fixing too and brick ties, all compliment the exterior installed insulation.

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