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Flat Roof

The warm roof system puts the insulation where it should be, above the substrate, to completely enclose the roof area with a highly efficient insulation blanket. With 30 – 35% of heat lost through the roof of an uninsulated house, insulated roof systems optimize the energy efficiency in flat roof properties.

The system can be installed on plywood, concrete or metal substrates, and on new or existing buildings. By choosing to use the Dimond NPM900 metal tray as a substrate the entire roof system may be installed for less cost than a traditional flat roof system.

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Warm roof

IKO Enertherm boards create a continuous layer of insulation. Warm roofs place the insulation above the substrate, completely enclosing the roof area with a highly efficient thermal layer. 


  • Lightweight boards and therefore easier to handle.

  • Less volume for the same insulation value.

  • Fit for walking on during the work and after.

  • Can be installed quickly and easily.

  • High dimensional stability and compressive strength.


ROCKWOOL HardRock boards provide unrivalled fire performance combined with excellent mechanical strength to meet all requirements and regulation needs. IKO Enertherm insulation boards provide high R values and compression strength.

Together the Hybrid Warm Roof system delivers incomparable values in terms of acoustics, fire and thermal performance. 


  • Improved comfort with thermal insulation.

  • Dimensionally stable and maintains thermal resistance value.

  • Dampens noise and vibration from external sources and rain impact noise.

  • A1 Fire rating tested according to EN 13501-1 as a non combustible product.


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