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ROCKWOOL Stone wool insulation is a world renowned insulation product, providing levels of performance that enhance your building's performance - thermal, acoustic or sound protection and non-combustible fire characteristics.

In the roof, where it is important when it comes to improving the cooling and energy efficiency of your building,  it delivers these multiple benefits for the many varieties of flat roofs and pitch roofs. A pitch roof in many cases accounts for up to 50 percent of the building envelope.


Our insulation also helps slow down the spread of fire, thereby giving extra time for evacuation and rescue operation. Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills. 


Insulation solutions for exterior wall systems cover a range of cladding over the building envelope including external façades, masonry cavity walls, and metal frame constructions.

While these exterior applications are aimed primarily at "Outsulation" to cover the building envelope with a thermal layer, we also have Interior Wall applications to enhance the well being of the occupiers: class leading acoustic or sound protection with good thermal values also.

Outright Continuous Insulation is the authorised agent for the Rockwool Asia building products range for New Zealand.

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Hybrid Warm roof system

By adding a layer of ROCKWOOL insulation into the Nuralite "Warm Roof" system, you can get the best of both worlds. Excellent thermal performance with enhanced thermal and acoustic properties.

Exterior Wall

Exterior wall

A layer of ROCKWOOL insulation board in the building cavity provides an improved thermal layer, while still providing a vapour open structure to allow some transmission, and excellent acoustic performance.

Interior Wall

Interior Wall

Rockwool insulation is well known for it's non-combustible fire performance, and on interior walls it adds good R values and excellent acoustic performance too!

Insulated Metal Roof

Metal Insulated Roof

By moving the insulation to the outside of the roof structure, we are providing a "Warm Roof" concept.



ROCKWOOL provide excellent solutions to this area with the slab of insulation being rigid enough to not bend or sag on installation.

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ROCKWOOL provides excellent performance in a floor application while offering other key solutions in sealing of any openings in non-visible areas.

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By moving the insulation to the outside of the roof structure, we are providing a "Warm Roof" concept.

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