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Traditionally, New Zealand roofs were designed as "cold" areas with the insulation at the ceiling. By moving the insulation to above the rafters, we form a "warm roof" concept, similar to the more familiar flat roof approach. 

This concept is especially useful for skillion roofs where there is no ceiling space.


Want warmer roofs?

For detailed information, download our designer guide to warm roofs in Aotearoa, titled 'Outsulation for H1 Compliant Roofs'. 

Roofing Insulation Options

Pitched Roof Render

Similar to a wall build-up, the insulation is fixed over the structure (rafters in this case) and then counter battens or purlins are fixed through the insulation into those rafters.


  • Can be used with all types and pitches of roofs to provide a continuous insulation layer.

  • Interior finish retained with no loss of volume.

  • Able to mitigate condensation and airflow.

  • Very low loading of the roof structure.

For best in class fire and acoustic performance, ROCKWOOL HardRock boards is unrivalled. 


  • High resistance to compression and point loading

  • Non-combustible and can withstand at least 1000ºC without melting

  • Boards do not shrink, warp or deform over time

  • Provides excellent sound absorbing properties

Insulated Metal Roof

Outright Roofing System Partners

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