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Cladding Attachment

Welcome to Outright - at the forefront of New Zealand's Outsulation Revolution.
Our world-class products, installed to international best practice standards, guarantee superior building envelope protection.
With enhanced thermal, acoustic, and fire performance, we deliver unmatched insulation solutions outside the structure.


Get the Designer's Guide

Download our helpful document with design tables for strapping cladding attachments on walls with long screws.  

Outright Insulation Fastening


Outright thermal flanges are a permanent fix option for holding external insulation.

Contact us for installation tables.


Install Pins are used to temporarily mechanically fix and install insulation material before battens and cladding are installed.

Tanfor exclusively provides project-specific products, offering verified system details, structural integrity, and weatherproofing design. Each project receives a personalized PS1, seamlessly included in material rates, ensuring cohesive design continuity.


Ideal for Aotearoa's Outsulation projects, the FERO Thermal Tie™ seamlessly secures masonry veneer walls to structural backings. Its innovative design, featuring an L-shaped plate and strategically placed holes for the FERO V-Tie™, ensures continuous and robust connections, enhancing wall integrity.


With multiple fasteners, it resists shear and axial forces, ensuring a cohesive and durable wall assembly. Accommodating various wall widths and providing up to 1.4 inches (36 mm) of vertical adjustment, it reduces thermal bridging for improved performance.


Tanfor Industries Batten System is a versatile solution for New Zealand's diverse building needs. Combining galvalume-coated steel cladding rails with a rainscreen cavity, this system offers universal compatibility with various cladding types and substrates.


Easy to install and built to last over 50 years in most NZ climates, Tanfor Batten System provides a durable, maintenance-free solution for non-combustible rainscreen cladding systems.

BILDA façade system is based on over 30 years of façade engineering and installation.

The BILDA system and technology is based on three basic innovations:

  • The precision slot in the façade panel

  • The Lego-like simple connections 

  • The closed section square profile.

All elements of BILDA are self-guiding, self-aligning, and interlocking. This means less measurements and fewer installation steps. The result – rapid assembly, minimized errors, optimal performance and low installation cost.


In conjunction with ROCKWOOL, the BILDA system was selected by PeddleThorpe for the Foundation project in Parnell.

The cladding is an open jointed limestone rainscreen to create a timeless, classic building.

Technoform are the global leading supplier of insulation technologies for thermally broken aluminium windows, doors, facades and double glazing.

The Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip, designed for pre-cladding construction, provides a thermally broken connection between cladding and the building's main structure, acting as a spacer and support for cladding rail or batten.

Its low-conductive glass fibre-reinforced polyamide construction reduces thermal bridging, ensuring improved thermal performance compared to conventional systems.

Architects seeking enhanced thermal efficiency and ease of installation can rely on Technoform's isolator clip, offering a cost-effective solution with customizable options to meet various insulation depth requirements.


In conjunction with ROCKWOOL, the Technoform system was selected by Chow:Hill and Oculus for the Union Square project in Hamilton.

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