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The soffit, often overlooked in building design, is a crucial component of the Building Envelope. Whether it's the underside of overhanging roof eaves or the roof in basements, uninsulated soffits can lead to energy wastage.

Outsulation presents an ideal solution for soffits, providing continuous insulation that significantly enhances the building's thermal performance. By avoiding the need for costly frameworks and structural modifications, outsulation offers a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort levels within the building.


Get the Designer's Guide

For a deeper dive into the technical aspects of Continuous Insulation for soffits, download our comprehensive design guide - Thermal & Condensation Control for Interior Spaces.

Roofing Insulation Options

Safe n Silent Render

Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is designed and manufactured to achieve good thermal and  acoustic insulation performance, with the addition of a facing material to improve appearance. This has been specially designed for soffit applications.


  • Simple and fast installation, with drill and tap or shot fired insulation anchors.

  • No sagging/slumping, rigidity lasts for a lifetime of a building.

  • Water repellent and moisture resistant.

  • Non-combustible and fire safe.

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