IKO enertherm PIR can be used for the thermal insulation of floors. It can be used to provide higher thermal values than other insulation materials, either between or over the substrate (timber or concrete) or a mid position in a concrete slab.

​There are two board options available, depending on the positioning of the insulation: 

  • ALU board has a multi-layer aluminium facing for placing on ground (with a vapour layer beneath) or mid slab with a heating element (a "Warm Floor") or under a timber floor.

  • ALU 50 board is designed to have increased fire performance levels in use, and can be installed under a concrete floor, often referred to as a soffit. These can be found in basement car parks and form part of the building envelope, but are often forgotten in overall thermal calculations.


  • Very light and manufactured in convenient sizes. 

  • Offers a wealth of options to insulate a range of floors.

  • Cast floor without applying a separating layer.

  • Can be used under the slab.


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