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Insulation is used under a floor to provide thermal performance, in a similar way to the soffit application. But when that insulation forms part of the foundations, it is impossible to add additional insulation to, without increasing the size dramatically ands adding complexity in the design.


When a heated or "warm floor" is required, the insulation needs to have a very high R value for its thickness and the compressive strength to stand up to the heavy layers put over it without deforming or breaking.

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IKO Enertherm PIR can be used for the thermal insulation of floors. It can be used to provide higher thermal values than other insulation materials either between or over the substrate (timber or concrete) or a mid position in a concrete slab.


  • Very light and manufactured in convenient sizes. 

  • Offers a wealth of options to insulate a range of floors.

  • Cast floor without applying a separating layer.

  • Can be used under the slab.

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ThermalRock 'S' products are versatile and can be used beyond their exterior wall applications. Here, the improved density of the ThermalRock 'S' can provide excellent performance in a floor application while offering other key solutions in sealing any openings in non-visible areas such as those between the curtain wall and the perimeter edge of the floor slab.


  • Easy to install.

  • High chemical resistance.

  • Water-repellent and moisture-resistant.

  • Cast floor without applying a separating layer.

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