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Exterior walls are the outer skin of the building, whether it be a single storey residential home, a high-rise office, apartment block or anything in between.  The outer skin or cladding provides a layer that can be for waterproofing, structure or just appearance to give the building an identity or individuality.


Brick, timber, lightweight, heavyweight, façade or rainscreen are all terms used to describe the materials used here. 

Depending on the type of cladding, the finished height and use of the building, this will determine the choice of insulation to suit. 

Interior walls are the walls dividing one area from another. Think of a corridor in a hotel and the hotel room adjoined to it.

Depending on the project criteria that is required, this will determine the choice of insulation.

Where a high level of thermal ('R' value) or acoustic performance is required, we can advise on the right insulation choice for your project.

The soffit is an often forgotten part of the Building Envelope. When an office or apartment building is designed with a basement areas, this may be below ground and used for storage, plant and machinery or a car park areas. This utilises the same footprint as the building above to save space.

It could be a concrete, steel or timber construction and a perfect place for cold to get in and warm to escape the building.

Insulating this space, can add greatly to the thermal performance of the building as a whole without the need to use costly frameworks and structure to secure the insulation.

The Nuratherm warm roof system by Nuralite puts the insulation where it should be, above the substrate, to completely enclose the roof area with a highly efficient insulation blanket. With 30 – 35% of heat lost through the roof of an uninsulated building, Nuratherm insulated roof systems optimizes energy efficiency in flat roof properties.

The system can be installed on plywood, concrete or metal substrates, and on new or existing buildings. By choosing to use the Dimond NPM900 metal tray as a substrate the entire roof system may be installed for less cost than a traditional flat roof system. 

Pitched Roofs like exterior walls can have a range of coverings depending on the pitch of the roof and the amount of water to be moved off it.

Traditionally, these roofs are designed as "cold" areas with the insulation at the ceiling. By moving the insulation to the rafters, we form a "warm roof" concept, similar to the more familiar flat roof approach. 


In turn, this moves the condensation or dew point to the outside, onto the Building Envelope, improving the buildings performance.

The Metal insulated roof is often found on large commercial warehouses, where long runs of metal roofing provide a major benefit over other coverings.


The "Warm Roof" principle is used here provide high thermal performance while also adding aesthetics to the building design. Curved roofs and complex shapes can be formed using a range of insulation types. 


Where a high level of thermal ('R' Value) or acoustic performance is required, we can advise on the right insulation choice for your project.

Insulation is used under a floor to provide thermal performance, in a similar way to the Soffit application. But when that insulation forms part of the foundations, it is impossible to add additional insulation to, without increasing the size dramatically ands adding complexity in the design.


When a heated or "Warm Floor" is required, the insulation needs to have a very high R value for its thickness, and the compressive strength to stand up to the heavy layers put over it, without deforming or breaking.

We provide the best solutions to help specifiers and clients answer questions regarding how to fix our Enertherm and ROCKWOOL products in place.

Offering a range of fixings for the insulation itself, we have brackets, fixings  and brick ties that compliment the exterior installed insulation.