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Pitched roof

Pitched Roofs like exterior walls can have a range of coverings depending on the pitch of the roof and the amount of water to be moved off it. Traditionally, these roofs are designed as "cold" areas with the insulation at the ceiling. By moving the insulation to the rafters, we form a "warm roof" concept, similar to the more familiar flat roof approach. 

Long run metal roofing is a common finish in pitched roofing situations. We also have a Warm Roof system Thermacore with Gerard Roofing, where our insulated boards can be used in conjunction with various tile finishes. 

Pitched Roof Render


Similar to a wall build-up, the insulation is fixed over the structure (rafters in this case) and then counter battens or purlins are fixed through the insulation into those rafters.


  • Can be used with tiles roofs as a continuous insulation layer.

  • Interior finish retained with no loss of volume.

  • Able to mitigate condensation and airflow.

  • Very low loading of the roof structure.

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