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In the event of a fire, the number one priority is occupant safety. Dictated by the Building Regulations, provision needs to be made so that they can securely exit the building… and if they can’t… a safe space designed that provides adequate protection for a sufficient time to facilitate safe rescue. Passive fire protection plays a fundamental role in delivering buildings which can achieve this under fire conditions, with A1 non-combustible ROCKWOOL stone wool delivering the highest fire performance possible. This relates to a Group 1 performance under the NZBC.

Slowing the spread of flames, ROCKWOOL will never burn and doesn’t produce toxic smoke… in doing so it protects the integrity of the building structure to give occupants more time to escape – with no risk of toxic smoke inhalation. It has a melting point in excess of 1260 degrees C.  

The ROCKWOOL range of fire protection products enable the design of robust fire compartmentation and prevent the spread of fire throughout a building, limiting damage and protecting life. 

Fire Classification Non Combustibility

Did you know?

ROCKWOOL solutions are produced using the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano. That means our products remain stable – even at extremely high temperatures. This makes the stone fibres suitable for a suite of high temperature applications – from car brakes to fire protective coatings.

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