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Outright Continuous Insulation provides high performance thermal solution with our "Outsulation" options; Enertherm PIR and ROCKWOOL. Positioning the insulation outside of the building envelope provides higher levels of thermal performance by reducing the thermal bridging and moving the dew point out and into the cavity behind the cladding. 


But which cladding is going to be used? Will it be horizontal or vertical? How heavy is it? How will it be fixed? What are you fixing into? 


At Outright we have joined forces with a wide range of product "partners" to provide the best solutions to help specifiers and clients answer these questions. A range of fixings for the insulation itself, brackets for fixing too and brick ties, all compliment the exterior installed insulation.


These partnerships are critical to provide confidence with tried and trusted solutions to compliment our insulation solutions.


Enertherm PIR

IKO Enertherm PIR provides a high thermal performance and its rigid, closed cell construction make it ideal for "Outsulation" solutions.

The range of fixings showcased here allow manual or gas actuated fixing of the insulation and solutions for rails or batten to fix the cladding to.

Its high compressive strength means that any type of fixing can be used with confidence that the product will not deform in use.

Technoform Timber_Frame_jpeg


ROCKWOOL mineral wool products have the unique features of offering three major benefits: good thermal values compared to other lofted materials, excellent acoustic performance and non-combustible characteristics to the highest levels available.

Having the three benefits in one product allows many different opportunities to be realized. In order to meet the building's unique requirements, each product comes in a range of densities, designed to suit the fixing location and weight of the cladding being used.


The fixings can then be tailored to suit the insulation and cladding to provide a "project specific" solution.

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