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The soffit is an often forgotten part of the Building Envelope. When an office or apartment building is designed with a basement areas, this may be below ground and used for storage, plant and machinery or a car park areas.


This utilises the same footprint as the building above to save space. It could be a concrete, steel or timber construction and a perfect place for cold to get in and warm to escape the building.

Insulating this space, can add greatly to the thermal performance of the building as a whole without the need to use costly frameworks and structure to secure the insulation.



Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is designed and manufactured to achieve good thermal and  acoustic insulation performance, with the addition of a facing material to improve appearance. This has been specially designed for soffit applications.


  • Simple and fast installation, with drill and tap or shot fired insulation anchors.

  • No sagging/slumping, rigidity lasts for a lifetime of a building.

  • Water repellent and moisture resistant.

  • Non-combustible and fire safe.

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