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Exterior wall

Exterior walls are the outer skin of the building, whether it be a single storey residential home, a high-rise office, apartment block or anything in between.  The outer skin or cladding provides a layer that can be for waterproofing, structure or just appearance to give the building an identity or individuality.


Brick, timber, lightweight, heavyweight, façade or rain screen are all terms used to describe the materials used here. Depending on the type of cladding, the finished height and use of the building, this will determine the choice of insulation to suit. 

Exterior Wall


Thermalrock S offers a specific range of solutions for exterior walls with good thermal performance, excellent acoustic performance and non-combustible characteristics in its construction. A wide range of densities is available to suit the fixing details of the cladding involved. 


  • Improve comfort with good thermal insulation.

  • No sagging/slumping, rigidity lasts for a lifetime of a building.

  • Water penetration is minimised due to the strand structure and natural water repellency.

  • Dampening the noise and vibration from external sources and rain impact noise.

brick wall

IKO Enertherm PIR is a high-performing solution for the insulation of exterior walls. The continuous layer of insulation can minimize airflow and eliminate insulation gaps and reduce thermal bridging.


  • Various cladding finishes are possible: timber, zinc, tiles etc.

  • Nearly 40 % thinner than mineral wool, XPS or EPS with the same R-value.

  • Wind and moisture-proof insulation shield.

  • Can be cut and installed quickly and easily.

  • The ALU board coating is corrosion-resistant.

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