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metal INSULATED roof

Metal insulated roofs are often found on large commercial warehouses, where long runs of metal roofing provide a major benefit over other coverings.


The "warm roof" principle used here provides high thermal performance while also adding aesthetics to the building design. Curved roofs and complex shapes can be formed using a range of insulation types. Where a high level of thermal ('R' value) or acoustic performance is required, we can advise on the right insulation choice for your project.

Insulated Metal Roof


ROCKWOOL Cool 'n' Comfort boards provide unrivalled fire performance combined with excellent mechanical strength to meet all requirements and regulation needs.


  • Improved comfort with thermal insulation.

  • Dimensionally stable and maintains thermal resistance value.

  • Dampens noise and vibration from external sources and rain impact noise.

  • A1 Fire rating tested according to EN 13501-1 as a non combustible product.

Tricore Render


The Tricore system developed in partnership with Dimond Roofing is a unique insulated metal tray solution. The PIR thickness layer can be adjusted to suit the R-value required in different locations.


  • Insulation shield on the trusses without thermal bridging.

  • Interior finish retained with no loss of volume.

  • Able to mitigate condensation and airflow.

  • Very low loading of the roof structure.

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