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Christine Hall Architects Ltd

This award-winning Queenstown home was designed with a specific vision in mind. The owners were inspired by their favourite pastime; camping and wanted it to be reflected in the silhouette of their dream house. With the curve of a drooping tent fly becoming the symbol of their love of outdoor activity, the roof shape became the creative start point of the entire project.

To achieve the sloping lines of the roof was not a straightforward task. It was considered difficult to find a product that was flexible yet robust enough to get the desired sloped gull wing style roof. There was also the added challenge that as the roof would be visible from the road side, it needed to be aesthetically pleasing, in addition to also complementing the natural beauty of its surroundings: Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables.


Nuralite was able to deliver a system that met all the needs of the owners and helped provide a stunning feature roof. Using the Pure White membrane, the mineral chip finish stood out against the landscape as a statement roof and was nicely off-set by the snow-capped mountains in the winter months. 

In addition to the Nuraply 3PM membrane, the Queenstown home sought protection from the colder weather as well. A Nuratherm Warm Roof system was able to provide effective insulation with our 100mm PIR board being specified for the project. The system created a continuous insulation layer, meaning that the structure and substrate stays warm, below a rigid insulation board. This created a barrier between the roof cavity and cold air, so guaranteed a thermally efficient home for the couple.

The Queenstown Lake House found the perfect balance between being both aesthetically attractive and sustainably minded. The stunning final product was therefore not surprisingly recognised by the Southern Region Master Builders and was awarded 'House of the Year for 2017'. It was also the category winner for 'New homes over $2 million', the 'Craftsmanship Award' and final the 'Supreme award' for best overall house. 

Nuralite was proud to install our Nuraply 3PM Pure White membrane with a Nuratherm Warm Roof system on this award-winning Queenstown home. We were able to provide a quality roofing system, which will benefit the homeowners for many years to come. Christine Hall Architects were likewise pleased that their uniquely designed roof was able to be realized using our products and that their vision on the page could be produced in real life using Nuralite.

Applicators: Watertight Systems.

Products: Enertherm 100mm boards + Nuraply 3PM White.

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