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Outright Continuous Insulation can provide a simple, cost effective and lightweight option to the management of water on a flat roof area. Building a fall with IKO enertherm ALU TAP is more effective that using other methods, which can add considerable weight,

cost and time on your project.

IKO enertherm ALU TAP is used for the tapered insulation of flat roofs for new construction or refurbishment projects. IKO enertherm ALU TAP provides a perfect 1:60 (1 degree) fall to the outlets on flat roofs with timber, concrete or steel deck substrates. Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd can assist with the specific design of the board layout, to suit your project.

Lightweight boards and therefore easier to handle. Less volume for the same insulation value. Fit for walking on during the work and after. Can be installed quickly and easily. High dimensional stability and compressive strength.


The Nuralite systems are CodeMark certified for guaranteed Council acceptance within slope. The insulation is used by Nuralite in the Nuratherm range of systems.



tapered warm roof

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