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Flat Roof

The Nuratherm warm roof system by Nuralite puts the insulation where it should be, above the substrate, to completely enclose the roof area with a highly efficient insulation blanket. With 30 – 35% of heat lost through the roof of an uninsulated house, Nuratherm insulated roof systems optimizes energy efficiency in flat roof properties.

Using IKO Enertherm PIR provided by Outright Continuous Insulation, across the entire flat roof surface, the R value of the system is higher than the R value of the PIR.

In comparison, energy is wasted using lofted insulation between the rafters, in a cold roof application, as the R-value of the system is actually lower than the insulation R value due to thermal bridging. 

The system can be installed on plywood, concrete or metal substrates, and on new or existing buildings. By choosing to use the Dimond NPM900 metal tray as a substrate the entire roof system may be installed for less cost than a traditional flat roof system.

The entire Nuratherm system has been acoustically tested by Marshall Day. They concluded that the system is quieter than traditional roof systems. Tapered boards are available to produce a lightweight, insulated slope. Nuralite can assist with the specification to ensure the falls to outlets are efficiently designed while maintaining the required R value.


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