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Outright Continuous Insulation can be used to provide a "Warm Roof" concept to a Pitched Roof, making a huge improvement in the Thermal Performance of the building envelope.


We have two methods of achieving this:

  • Pitched - Laying the IKO Enertherm PIR over the rafters to reduce thermal bridging, then finishing with your preferred roofing material.

  • Tricore - Insulated roof system incorporating the IKO Enertherm PIR and your choice of Dimond roof profiles to suit the project. 

Pitched - Similar to a wall build up, the insulation is fixed over the structure (rafters in this case) and then counter battens or purlins are fixed through the insulation into those rafters.


Tricore - A development by Dimond roofing with key elements supplied by Outright Continuous Insulation. The PIR thickness layer can be adjusted to suit the R value required in different locations.


Continuous roofing sheets with no end laps or joins which rely on sealant; the fastening system uses two forms of fixing to negate the use of long fasteners through the roof sheet.

Slotted roof rail design allows the required amount of air movement to control moisture; resulting in lower moisture levels than other systems year round.

Consistent R-Value across the roof, reliable for the life of the roof. These applications have been designed with New Zealand conditions in mind and comply with the New Zealand Building Code.


Pitched Roof Render

Pitched Roof

Tricore Presentation base (1)

Tricore Roof

Case Study

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