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Focused on continuous insulation - we are committed

to delivering innovative solutions to thermally wrap the building envelope.

Outright Continuous Insulation provides advanced insulation products that increase the thermal, acoustic and fire performance of the structure.

For a superior insulation design, a simple test is to draw a line on the insulation layer and try to encircle the entire building without lifting the pen.


'Outsulation' - insulation outside the structure - is the only way to meet this challenge.

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Download our new
Outsulation design guide

The focus for this guide is Outsulation – specifically the practice of placing insulation outside the wall structure and within the façade buildup instead.

It is common practice internationally and is mandatory in some jurisdictions. We hope that this guide will contribute to the practice of Outsulation gaining widespread acceptance in New Zealand too.

We trust that this guide will be a useful resource for anyone wishing to design or build high-performance buildings.

download Design guide

Why we think every building should have continuous insulation?

We want to build New Zealand better. We are passionate about sustainably maximising the thermal performance of the building envelope. Delivering products that enable specifiers to design energy efficient buildings with no thermal bridging is our goal. 

Heat is lost through thermally broken sections in your home, with warm air travelling out at three times the speed of cold air coming in. We want to continously insulate to avoid energy and heat loss to save money and power.


Average percentage of timber framing compared to the area of the wall (or % of wall uninsulated).
Beacon Pathway Research 2020 

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Building envelopes must take account of four factors


Rain and Water




Thermal Blanket

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