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Parka Wrap

Parka Wrap

"The idea and the process that will start a revolution of renovation."

- Jon Davies - Parka Wrap

The Parka Wrap House project aimed to upgrade a standard Kainga Ora building by retrofitting external wall insulation. The goal was to enhance thermal performance while allowing occupants to remain during construction.

Challenges that were faced:

  1. Occupant Retention: Ensuring residents stay in the building throughout.

  2. Thermal Enhancement: Improving insulation without compromising durability.

  3. Practical Application: Real-world outcomes from research.

  4. Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing to prove effectiveness.

The focus was initially on weatherboard walls but holds potential for other wall types. With around 20,000 houses built annually in the nation, refurbishing existing structures becomes crucial for the future housing stock.

Design Approach:

  • Overlaying high performance materials onto existing walls.

  • Utilizing existing cladding as a substrate.

  • Key components: Solitex Adhero, Rockwool insulation, battens, and new cladding.

  • Strategic window choice for a significant performance boost.

The Parka Wrap House project showcases innovation in retrofitting for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Find out more at the ARA Parka Wrap website.

Applicators: Enstall

Products: ROCKOOL 60mm Boards + Enertherm 60mm boards

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