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Foundation Apartments

Foundation Apartments

“The building has a best-practice thermal envelope with external insulation throughout, including a warm roof..."

- Pierre van Tonder - PeddleThorpe. (As quoted in ArchitectureNow)

The building's façade features an open jointed limestone rainscreen and stone fluting at the base reminiscent of the nearby War Memorial building. With a best-practice thermal envelope, including external insulation and thermally broken components, the structure ensures energy efficiency. The finished building underscores than great aesthetics and durable products can combine with energy efficiency.

Outright Products: Rockwool ThermoRock S60 (Walls), Enertherm PIR 100mm (Roof)

Cladding Attachment: Bilda

Wall Structure: Concrete

Builder: Kalmar Construction

Install: European Stone Masons

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