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We have been involved in the roofing of the ANZ Centre building project, a pivotal project in the rebuild of the heart of Christchurch's CBD. Nuralite has worked closely with the project team of Leighs Construction & Peddle Thorp Architects

The result is the successful installation of a large 3500m2 Nuratherm Warm Roof System with Nuraply 3PM in White. This Nuratherm Warm Roof System is the most energy efficient flat roof available.

Nuralite has been involved from the outset working closely with the architects and builders to cover off all of the construction details. At the planning stage we provided support with the documentation prior to submission to consent authorities.

Our local technical advisor has regularly attended site to ensure that the result is the bulletproof waterproofing system that everyone is after.

The roof needed a specific system - that would fit within new Christchurch city rebuild requirements and also provide further floor space for the building inhabitants as well as an aesthetically pleasing solution.

A fully-installed Nuralite Nuratherm Warm Roof System with Nuraply 3PM in white with the following benefits: The most effective insulation (with no thermal breaks) and energy efficient flat roof available. Improved acoustic and thermal properties of the building eliminating internal condensation in the roof space. Highly reflective roof surface minimising the effects of solar gain and thermal movement.

Nuralite is proud to have provided the Nuratherm Warm Roof System and an effective solution to the flat roof installation of this significant project in the Christchurch rebuild.

Applicators: V.W Waterproofing

Products: Enertherm 70mm boards + Nuraply 3PM White.

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